Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mac Cosmetic's 4 Eyeshadow Palette

Excuse the mirror effect my webcam has. >>;;

So I bought this on 3/27/11 and got it today, at 4/5/11. Not too bad with shipping, though it is still a long time. My payment for some reason was being processed for a while (I compulsively check my orders).

I opened it and saw this.

So, I was a little confused. I mean, what the heck are those little pivots in the eyeshadow holes for? I don't know for sure, but I think it's so that you can pull the tray out easier, or to pop out the eyeshadows already in the tray. I had a little trouble popping it out at first so I used a small flathead screwdriver to help with some leverage. After that first time, it's easy to pop out.

I think the most disappointing thing for me is that the tray is magnetic, but the actual container is not. So for my eyeshadows that are half-circle shaped or smaller or bigger and aren't magnetic, they won't fit. Sadness!

I just noticed another thing, looking at the tray-less box. Because of the mechanism for the tray to pop into, the bottom of the inside is not completely flat. If you see the picture of the palette by itself, you can see those two horizontal lines. The middle is raised by a little bit, which means that you can't completely try to stuff the palette with eyeshadows if you're going to try to work around it.

I went on amazon.com and bought a sheet magnet with an adhesive side. (Two sheets 6x9in for less $7!) Hopefully I can put that in and it'll be fine. What a hassle. Their other palette that I bought, their  3x5 (15) palette had a magnetic bottom. This does not. Hopefully the sheet magnet won't make my eyeshadows protrude outside the case, and it'll flatten out that weird protruding area so that there's more continuity among the surfaces and I can stuff it.

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