Monday, May 2, 2011

So many changes!!

So as a second year at UCR, I decided to try my hand at transferring to a UC closer to home. I applied to UCD, UCBerkeley, and UCLA.

I figured I might as well, since my grades were pretty good- I applied with a 3.7 GPA with Honors, Chancellor's List and Deans List for some consecutive quarters, as well as multiple extra-curriculars. I was worried because I didn't have a math (UCR only required me to take either a math or a computer science class. I opted for CS.) and my units at the end of my second year were going to be a projected 130.5- 30.5 over the maximum transfer limit. Knowing this, I tried not to hold my breath.

The date for knowing if I was accepted or not loomed closer- the end of April. I was nervous- I couldn't search for housing for UCR for the next year if I wasn't staying. I refreshed the pages every so often until my boyfriend, whom I was IMing during class, told me that UCD's acceptance website is up. I checked and waited with anticipation- UCD was my first choice. I scanned the page- REJECTED!

A week later, I checked my other ones. My boyfriend again IMed me when UCLA came out. I was dejected and I felt like my chances were pretty slim, especially since UCD had rejected me. Whatever, I was a UC to UC transfer student, chances with that were already pretty slim. But again, I scanned the page and saw the words "CONGRATULATIONS!" I was in Geology class, but my heartbeat quickened and swelled- wtf, wait what? I reread it again and again. All I could think was "wtf."

UCBerkeley, of course rejected me. I hear that they switch off and it's rare for someone to get both UCB and UCLA.

I'm stressed now, I have many things to think about. Housing, scholarship (if I even get it), financial aid (if I get it), and friends/family/boyfriend.

Congrants to me!

Lately, I've been trying to destress myself by perpetually doing my nails, looking at nail polish (blogs), and bikes, even though I have them. Oh well.

I'm going to dye my hair hopefully sometime this week to destress. Change is needed! (:

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