Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update: Hackintosh Wireless Card

Okay, so after realizing that I would essentially have to use a 50ft ethernet cable to get internet to my desktop compy, I decided- I NEED a wireless card. I didn't want to have a dongle because as it is, I'm pretty limited to both cash and USB ports therefore, I finally did THIS. Exactly did the instructions. The only thing I'd elaborate on a little more is that in that second picture under Install, to make sure to hook the two wires coming from the antennae into the top corners of the card. It looks like a small white circle with a gold circle and dot in outlining it.

Yeah, I totally didn't do it and then was wondering why it wasn't working.
It makes sense.

Anyways, so that came out to:
$9.99 for the wireless adapter (free shipping)
$16.99 for the BCM94322MC card ($5 shipping)
= $32. I paid more for the wireless adapter for shipping because I needed it ASAP.

So yeah, there you have it. (:

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