Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So I've been playing with fake eyelashes...

Fake lashes!!

I've realized why a lot of girls look so cute so often and it's because of their lashes! I finally got around to messing around with them seriously.

I bought a Japanese ぎゃる (gyaru) magazine called "ageha" and decided I would do a test with my lashes and see if I can accomplish their sort of look.

This is what I based it off of- sorry if it is crooked, I don't know how to rotate. >.<

This is what I came up with...

I realized that after I did this look, I didn't draw my eyeliner thick enough. I also didn't do a fake "extension" iris by waterlining the center of my waterline. I would have rimmed the rest of my waterline with white, but my urban decay white eyeliner isn't great for that, as is my depotted nyx jumbo eyeshadow... -sigh- and I've been looking for a good white eyeliner for a while now, too.

I think for now though, it's fine for a test run. (: Gyaru makeup is so interesting~~

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